A quartet of saxophone, guitar, piano and percussion, HYPERCUBE embraces the boundaries of chamber music, at home in both electric and acoustic worlds. This group of tenacious NYC musicians formed with the goal of performing high quality, cutting-edge, challenging repertoire that is often underperformed.

HYPERCUBE launched compelling debut concerts at New York City’s Galapagos Art Space and Brooklyn College in 2012, and has since has been featured at Music on the Edge (Pittsburgh), The Versipel New Music Festival (New Orleans), The Frequency Series (Constellation, Chicago), the UK International Guitar Series (University of Kentucky), and the Connoisseur/New Voices Festival (Wichita State University). HYPERCUBE has presented performances, masterclasses and residencies at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM), Bowling Green State University (Music at the Forefront), University of Tennessee, Oklahoma State, University of Oklahoma, Kent State University (Vanguard Artist Series), Oberlin Conservatory, Southern Illinois Guitar Festival, Southeastern Louisiana University, Stephen F. Austin State (Texas), Illinois State, Arkansas State, and locally at Bloomingdale School of Music, Queens College, Greenwich House, and SUNY Purchase.

Built upon two celebrated works of modern instrumentation: Louis Andriessen’s landmark work Hout and Philippe Hurel’s spectral masterpiece, Localized Corrosion, HYPERCUBE has commissioned and premiered new works by Daniel TackeDennis SullivanPhilip SchuesslerKari Besharse, and Nomi Epstein, working with composers Sam Pluta, Chris Cerrone and Juan Trigos to create freshly adaptated works for the quartet, while forming modular subsets for works by Alex MincekEric WubbelsErin RogersCharles Wuorinen, and George Crumb

HYPERCUBE is Erin Rogers (saxophones), Jay Sorce (classical & electric guitar), Andrea Lodge (piano), and Chris Graham (percussion). 

new music for guitar, saxophone, piano, & percussion