new music for guitar, saxophone, piano, & percussion


"...the members... played with a sense of ensemble that is not to be rivaled. The performance was fearless and flawless, with some of the most exciting playing I have ever heard." —Sequenza 21

"Brain-on-fire-music. A great mixture of excitement and control." —Rob Power, Associate Professor of Percussion, Memorial University of Newfoundland

​"Their intensity and seriousness had the audience both bobbing and pondering." —The Boston Musical Intelligencer

​"Musical Ignition" —Timothy Diovanni, Columbia Lion

"A professional ensemble of extremely high-caliber players from one of the world's foremost centers of contemporary music." —Daniel Tacke, Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Arkansas State University

"The opportunity to work with Hypercube has been a highlight of my professional career. I am truly awestruck by their ability to perform a diverse body of music in a number of different settings. They display a range and level of virtuosity rarely obtained by an ensemble of this size." —Philip Schuessler, Professor of Composition, Southeastern Louisiana University

"Hypercube came to SFASU in the spring of 2016, and performed a brilliant concert of new, contemporary music. The students enjoyed the performance because of the group’s passion and energy they brought to each piece. We were extremely impressed with their performance! They also gave a phenomenal masterclass where students got to interact with all the members in a small, intimate setting, which made for a great question-and- answer session." —Bradley Meyer, Professor of Percussion, Stephen F. Austin State University

"...performed with a world class sensitivity and virtuosity that demanded the audience's attention and truly represented the diversity of musical styles that make up the contemporary music landscape. Hypercube created a friendly and encouraging environment during the reading session that promoted thoughtful and constructive discussions amongst students, faculty and the ensemble." — Michael Lanci, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

"We were so lucky to have Hypercube stop by the University of Tennessee to perform for our students. They performed a wide variety of complex and intriguing contemporary literature with the utmost control and musicianship. It was a real treat for our students to hear this caliber of literature performed live by this caliber of performers. I would highly recommend them to any of my colleagues around the United States!" — Andrew Bliss, Professor of Percussion, University of Tennessee

"This band’s innovative, new sound has pulled audiences from across the country, as well as intrigue among several college campuses. Their performance Monday night, along with being compelling and captivating, created a new and exclusive sound that filled the hall with wonder." — Noelle Zielinski, The News Record, University of Cincinnati

"Highly demanding, rhythmically complex and meticulously composed." —Kelli Meynard, The Lion's Roar, Southeastern Louisiana University